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How Do I Prepare For A Hearing?

Whether you are appearing before the Office of Administrative Hearings for an “Application Hearing” or a “Disciplinary Hearing,” you must prepare carefully for your hearing.  This will be your only opportunity to defend yourself or make your case to the Administrative Law Judge. 

Bring all documents necessary to prove your case.  Follow these simple steps:

  • Bring all documents necessary to prove your case.  This may include business documents, records of criminal proceedings, recommendation letters, or other documents.

  • Request copies of the documents the Department of State plans to submit as evidence against you.

  • Contact the Hearing Presenter representing the Division of Licensing Services in the case for more information about how to gain access to evidence that will be presented against you at your hearing.  As a courtesy, the Department of State has drafted a sample letter you can use to request disclosure materials.  Sample Disclosure Request Letter (pdf)

If the Hearing Presenter sends you a disclosure request, you must provide your evidence to the Department of State before your hearing.

To review the rules and regulations on Evidence, please review the Guide to Statutes and Rules Relating to Hearings and Appeals. 

Please visit the following links to learn how you can prepare for your hearing. 

  1. Fill Out All Necessary Forms

  2. How To Find Representation

  3. Evidence

  4. Special Needs

  5. What To Bring With You

  6. Rescheduling or Postponing A Hearing

  7. Settlement

  8. Contact the Office of Administrative Hearings

Preparing For The Hearing: Frequently Asked Questions