Grant Opportunities
Commencing Your BOA-Funded Project

Next steps after a grant award announcement

Following a BOA grant award announcement, the following activities need to occur to successfully begin the project: conduct an organizational meeting with the DOS to finalize the project work plan and budget; obtain an executed contract; receive advance payment; and kick-off the project with a public meeting.

1. Conduct an Organizational Meeting

A DOS regional representative will contact the grantee to schedule an initial organizational meeting to discuss rolling out the project and to further develop and finalize the project work plan, associated budget and other items such as public participation, roles and responsibilities, consultants and reimbursement.

2. Obtain an Executed Contract

Following a grant award announcement, the Department of State’s Fiscal/Contract Office assembles a contract, inclusive of the agreed upon work plan and budget, resulting from the organizational meeting described above. Approval of the contract takes approximately three to four months, and requires a local signature by the grantee, DOS signature, and approvals by the Attorney General and Office of the State Comptroller. DOS sends the approved, fully executed contract to grantee.

Grantees are advised that they should not request the project consultant to commence work until there is an executed state contract. Without an executed contract, DOS cannot guarantee payment.

3. Receive Reimbursement

Grantees should refer to the BOA Payment Guidance and Request Form, provided with their executed contract, for detailed instructions on requesting reimbursement.

  • Payment advance - Upon receipt of an executed contract, the grantee may submit a voucher for a payment advance (25% of grant award).
  • Requests for reimbursement - Requests for reimbursement must be based on actual eligible project costs incurred, summarized by the budget categories in the approved contract work plan.

4. Project Kick-off and Next Steps

Grantees should conduct two meetings to further advance their project. If the grantee elects to hire a project management consultant, the procurement of the consultant should precede the meetings below.

  • Organizational and Scoping Session – To discuss project boundaries and focus, project deliverables, roles and responsibilities, existing relevant information, public participation plan, and reimbursement.

  • Project Kick-off Meeting – This meeting can serve as the first public information session to engage meeting participants and the public regarding: project purpose; community vision; project goals and objectives; study area challenges, assets and opportunities; sites of concern or interest; and expected results.