Grant Opportunities
Guidelines for Requesting Payment

How to access your BOA funds

BOA is a cost reimbursement program.There are two types of reimbursements that may be requested of the State as described below. Grantees should refer to the BOA Payment Guidelines and Request Forms for detailed instructions on requesting reimbursement.

Payment advance

Immediately upon receipt of an executed contract, the grantee may submit a letter and a NYS Standard Voucher for a payment advance (25% of grant award). The request must identify how the advance will be used and include a cost breakdown that conforms to the budget categories in the approved contract work plan.

If you encounter any problems, please e-mail Vince Sculco or call him at (518) 473-2466

Requests for reimbursement

Requests for reimbursement must be based on actual eligible project costs incurred. Costs must be summarized by the budget categories in the approved contract work plan. Payment requests must be tied to reimbursable eligible project expenses and the Department of State's acceptance of completed products described in the work plans.