Division of Planning

The core function of the Division of Planning is to undertake planning resulting in catalytic public and private projects that stimulate community revitalization, as identified and prioritized by the New York Rising Community Reconstruction (NYRCR) Program, Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) strategies, Local Waterfront Revitalization Programs (LWRP), or Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) plans.

  • New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program

    • Serves as planning lead, provides planning expertise to work with 45 planning committees and manages nine planning firms to complete reconstruction plans by March 31, 2014;

    • In consultation with the Governor’s Office and the Office of Storm Recovery, prepares program guidance and provides planners to oversee development of community reconstruction plans and ensure consistency and quality;

    • Fosters plans that identify projects needed to reduce risk and expand economic development; and

    • Improves State and local government resiliency to sea level rise, storm surge, and other climate change impacts in the coastal area.
  • Regional Economic Development Councils

    • Provides guidance, in consultation with the Governor’s Office and Empire State Development, and assistance to the ten REDCs with development and updates of regional strategies;

    • Serves as Strategic Planners to assist the councils in the creation of regional strategic plans and Interagency Action Reports and Plans which coordinate the activities of the State Agency Resource Teams (SART) to implement the regional plans;

    • Serves as the lead for the State Implementation Assessment Teams (SIAT) to evaluate REDC performance and guide annual funding awards to the ten REDCs; and

    • Leads implementation of the Consolidated Funding Application.
  • Community Redevelopment Planning

    • Assists communities in their efforts to protect their social and economic well-being and the general welfare by developing Waterfront Revitalization Programs. The programs preserve, enhance, protect, and sustainably use the natural and man-made resources of the state's coastal area and inland waterways by setting forth land and water uses and policies, and identifying revitalization projects to implement along a community’s waterfront. The office is working with over 300 coastal and inland waterway communities to implement these programs.

    • Tailors Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA)  redevelopment plans to increase resiliency and ignite economic development;

    • Coordinates the Mighty Waters Working Group's efforts related to economic development and community revitalization between the cities of Albany and Rome along the Mohawk River.  This will produce a unified strategy which identifies priority projects and actions consistent with the strategies of the Capital Region and Mohawk Valley REDCs and needed to promote the core elements of the Mighty Waters Initiative.

    • Assists local governments and community organizations in their efforts to improve water quality by developing Watershed Management Program that identify priority actions needed to protect and restore water resources and related assets, and develop implementation strategies that identify stakeholder roles and the financial and institutional resources needed to undertake those priority actions;

    • Provides technical support to the Watershed Protection and Partnership Council a regional forum for New York City water supply watershed communities;

    • Provides technical support to the South Shore Estuary Reserve Council to ensure long-term health of the Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve and

    • Seeks new community partnerships in need of our expertise.