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City of Buffalo Draft LWRP


The City of Buffalo prepared a Draft Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) in accordance with the New York State Waterfront Revitalization of Coastal Areas and Inland Waterways Act, and in partnership with the New York State Department of State. The City of Buffalo is the seat of Erie County in Western New York. It is located on the shore of Lake Erie, at the head of the Niagara River. The Buffalo waterfront contains approximately 57.7 linear miles of shoreline.

The City of Buffalo LWRP describes current issues and conditions in the City, proposes waterfront improvement projects, and establishes a program for managing, revitalizing and protecting resources along Lake Erie, the Niagara River, the Buffalo River, Scajaquada Creek and Cazenovia Creek. The LWRP is a comprehensive waterfront management program based on the policies of the New York State Coastal Management Program (NYS CMP).The Buffalo LWRP contains eight sections and seven appendices, A-G. A summary of the potential effects of the proposed incorporation of the LWRP into the NYS CMP can be found in the Summary.

Section I. Local Waterfront Revitalization Area (LWRA) Boundary - This section provides a general description and graphic representation of the existing State Coastal Management Area boundary and proposed LWRA. A full detailed description of the existing State Coastal Management Area boundary, the proposed LWRA boundary, and justification for expanding the boundary has been included as Appendix A.

Section II. LWRP Policies - This section refines the policies of the NYS CMP to advance primary local waterfront revitalization goals within the proposed LWRA. Each local goal identifies specific state coastal policies that will advance the goal and the NYS CMP. These policies reflect the economic, environmental, and cultural characteristics of the LWRA, and represent a balance between economic development and preservation which will permit beneficial use of, and prevent adverse effects on, Buffalo’s waterfront resources. These policies will be the basis for consistency determinations made by city, state, and federal agencies for actions in, or affecting, the coastal area of the City of Buffalo.

Section III. Action Strategy (Proposed Land and Water Uses and Proposed Projects) - The vision for the City is to reestablish the waterfront as a thriving and vital part of the community and a destination for tourism and economic activity. Key, short-term public projects are identified to help encourage private investment in the City’s waterfront redevelopment areas. These include transportation, public space/amenity and public facility rehabilitation projects. Several other major public initiatives and projects are integral to the long-term health of the City’s waterfront revitalization area, consistent with the policies of the LWRP.

Section IV. Local Implementation - This section describes the local laws and other actions necessary to implement the LWRP in a manner consistent with the policies and proposed uses, as set forth in sections II and III of the LWRP.

Section V. State and Federal Implementation - This section identifies specific State and federal actions needed to implement the Policies and Action Strategy. In addition, a list of state and federal agency actions and programs which must be undertaken in a manner consistent with the City of Buffalo LWRP has been included as Appendix D.

Section VI. Consistency Review - This section briefly describes the requirement for proposed local, State and federal activities to be fully consistent with the policies of the LWRP. A proposed action or project is deemed consistent with the LWRP when it will not substantially hinder the achievement of any of the policies and, where practicable, will advance one or more of the policies. The City’s proposed Waterfront Consistency Review Law has been included as Appendix B, and Buffalo Coastal Assessment Form has been included as Appendix C.

Section VII. Stakeholder Engagement & Consultation - The implementation of the City of Buffalo LWRP will affect and be affected by the actions of adjacent municipalities, state, federal, regional, and county agencies. This section summarizes the efforts made by the city to involve and inform other agencies regarding development of the LWRP, and the actions taken by the city to obtain local input and support for the LWRP and related Buffalo Development Framework (BDF) component actions.

Section VIII. Inventory - This section describes the existing natural and man-made environments and conditions within the proposed Buffalo LWRA and the community.

Appendix A. Local Waterfront Revitalization Area Boundary

Appendix B. Waterfront Consistency Review Law

Appendix C. Coastal Assessment Form

Appendix D. State and Federal Actions and Programs Likely to Affect Implementation

Appendix E. Waterfront Corridor Zone

Appendix F. City of Buffalo Harbor Management Plan

Appendix G. Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitat Rating Forms

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