Waterfront Revitalization

Regional Waterfront Revitalization Initiatives

New York's waterfronts are extensive and diverse, and or office is responsive to an array of conditions and issues that are as diverse as the waterfront. Different regions are in need of a different array of planning and technical assistance. Our regional and local initiatives are geared to the specific environmental, economic, and cultural characteristics of each region and locality.

Thinking and acting regionally often provides the most effective framework for planning and implementing waterfront revitalization initiatives. The regional context helps clarify critical issues and set priorities for action. Many important waterfront issues, such as non-point pollution and waterbody management, require regional and intermunicipal cooperation for effective solution. Many communities have worked across municipal boundaries, pooling their resources and expertise to develop effective watershed plans and revitalization programs.

Regional Initiatives:

Finger Lakes

Great Lakes

Lake George

Long Island

New York City

To complement the regional approach to waterfront revitalization, our office also developed a scenic assessment program that identifies the scenic qualities of coastal landscapes, evaluates them against criteria for determining aesthetic significance, and recommends areas for designation by the Department of State as Scenic Areas of Statewide Significance (SASS).  SASS designation protects scenic landscapes through review of projects requiring State or federal actions, including direct actions, permits, or funding. 

Scenic Areas of Statewide Significance:

East Hampton SASS (PDF)