BOA Community Projects

Region 8 - Southern Tier

City of Binghamton, North Chenango River - Step 2

The City of Binghamton will complete a Nomination for an approximately 407-acre area characterized with five potential brownfield sites that are located in the North Chenango River Corridor. The primary community revitalization objectives include the identification and redevelopment of strategic sites.

City of Binghamton, First Ward Neighborhood – Step 2

The City of Binghamton will complete a Nomination for an approximately 474-acre study area with approximately 136 brownfields and vacant sites located in the First Ward neighborhood. The primary community revitalization objective is to improve the First Ward by planning for and fostering the redevelopment of strategic neighborhood based projects that will induce investments to rehabilitate existing buildings, remediate contaminated sites, and create business and employment opportunities.

City of Elmira, Southside Rising - Step 2

The City of Elmira will complete a Nomination for an approximately 386-acre area characterized by 51 potential
brownfield and vacant properties located in the south-east portion of the City. The primary community
revitalization objectives include: investigating the presence of potential contaminants on strategic sites; undertaking an in-depth analysis of existing land use, supporting infrastructure and zoning; formulating market-based strategies to revitalize residential areas; and completing redevelopment strategies for strategic brownfield and vacant parcels to generate employment and revenues.

City of Norwich - Step 1

The City of Norwich will complete a Pre-Nomination Study for an approximate 800-acre area characterized with six potential brownfield sites located in the eastern portion of the City. The City has several older, vacant and underutilized industrial sites located in and around residential areas. Many sites are an impediment to neighborhood revitalization and an opportunity for redevelopment.

Town of Erwin, Villages of Painted Post/Riverside - Step 2

The Town of Erwin will complete a Nomination for an approximately 494-acre area characterized by 22 potential brownfield sites that are located at the interchange of Interstates 99 and 86. The primary objectives include cleaning-up and ensuring compatible reuse of brownfields and other vacant land and creating long-term employment opportunities.

Village of Owego, West - Step 1

The Village of Owego will complete a Pre-Nomination for an approximate 143-acre area characterized with 3 potential brownfield sites that are located in the western portion of the Village. The primary community revitalization objectivesinclude: developing options for cleaning up brownfield sites; defining redevelopment opportunities for brownfield sites and the vacant school building within the area; and improving the Marvin Park and the Tioga County Fairgrounds within this area.

County of Broome, Brandywine Corridor - Step 2

Broome County will complete a Nomination for the Brandywine Corridor, a 137 acre area characterized with four brownfield sites. This project will enable the community to develop a public participation plan, prepare an area-wide plan for brownfield redevelopment including an in-depth building and site analyses for key brownfield sites to determine end-uses that will guide future site assessment and remediation. The work product will be a clear, objective plan for realistic redevelopment options of brownfield sites.

County of Broome, Endicott Johnson Industrial Spine – Step 3

Broome County will complete an Implementation Strategy for an approximately 222-acre site characterized by 17 brownfield sites that are located in the Village of Johnson City and the City of Binghamton. The primary community revitalization objectives are to: provide appealing opportunities for private investment on strategic sites; and to ensure that redevelopment is undertaken in a manner consistent with the community's vision for the Endicott Johnson neighborhood. The Implementation Strategy will focus on specific techniques and actions that will be undertaken to ensure desired investment and redevelopment, including: modifications to local laws; architectural design guidelines; market feasibility studies and site plan design alternatives for specific strategic sites; site marketing to attract developer interest; establishing a local management structure to ensure plan implementation; and compliance with SEQRA.