Brownfield Redevelopment
Benefits for Community Residents

Brownfield Opportunity Areas improve quality of life

New York’s BOA program benefits community residents by cleaning up abandoned and neglected properties, stimulating economic growth and improving quality of life in their local neighborhoods. Through community planning, funding programs and partnerships between the public and private sector, we can help make your community a better place to live. Here’s how BOA helps:

 Establishes a Community Vision and Strategy for Revitalization - A community based revitalization and implementation strategy is established to spur investment in distressed areas and set clear priorities for redevelopment, community renewal and improved quality of life.

 Provides a Remediation Strategy for Catalyst Sites - Site assessments determine the nature and extent of contamination for strategic sites expected to catalyze redevelopment, helping communities better understand options and costs for remediation and redevelopment.

 Defines Future Uses and Businesses - Identifies the types of uses and businesses that are desired by the community, a key for successful brownfield redevelopment.

 Fulfills Community Development Needs - Helps communities work more effectively with developers to transform brownfields and attract desirable new uses and businesses that will contribute to the community in a beneficial way, generating jobs and revenues.

 Improves Environmental Quality – Implementation of revitalization strategy results in clean-up of contaminated properties, removal of eyesores, and implementation of other environmental and public improvement projects identified in the strategy.

 Increased Property Values - With strong local leadership as the projects primary advocate and sponsor, the BOA strategy can induce public and private-sector investment leading to community revitalization and increased property values over time.

 Infrastructure and Transportation Improvements - The re-development potential of private properties may benefit from identified transportation, infrastructure and other community-related improvements in BOA areas.

 Public and Environmental Improvement Projects - Public improvement projects, identified through BOA, such as parks, esplanades, or streetscape improvements and/or environmental improvement projects, such as a stream corridor or habitat restoration projects, will have an overall positive impact on the quality of the community leading to increased property values and marketability.

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