Publications and Tools

The Geographic Information Gateway

The Office of Planning & Development’s (OPD) Geographic Information Gateway (Gateway) allows the public to incorporate hundreds of data sets of New York State’s resources into an internet-based map viewer.  The Gateway is an online mapping application that makes it possible to view geographic information in its native viewer or Google Earth, users can also download information in multiple file formats or even pull into other online mapping applications. Currently, more than 400 data sets that are used in support of OPD offshore planning, resilience planning and other Office efforts are available through the Gateway.

Coastal Area Boundary Map

The New York State Coastal Map provides an electronic estimation of the State’s Coastal Area Boundary and identifies: Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitats (SCFWH); Scenic Areas of Statewide Significance (SASS); Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) Communities; Long Island Sound Coastal Management Plan (LIS CMP) Boundary; federally-owned lands; and Native American owned lands.

Coastal Management Program (pdf)

This document constitutes a framework for government decision-making which affects New York's coastal area. It provides statements of policy to which Federal and State agencies must adhere and also serves as a reference for local government actions in the coastal area. In addition, the document complies with Federal regulations for submission of state coastal management programs set forth pursuant to the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972, as amended, and constitutes the environmental impact statement for the State Program.

Coastal Policies (pdf)

This document includes the policies designed to promote the use of coastal resources, consistent with the goals and purposes of the New York State Coastal Management Program.

Statewide Shoreline Monitoring Framework

This document advances a Statewide Shoreline Monitoring Framework to help track the performance of shorelines and improve understanding of natural and nature-based shoreline features.

Laws and Regulations

Draft LWRPs

This table is listing and providing links to the documents included in each of the completed draft LWRPs made accessible online for the 60-day review step of the approval process.

Approved LWRPs

This table lists and provides links to the documents included in each of the LWRPs approved by the New York State Secretary of State and posted online for public access.

Watershed Plans

This webpage provides links to completed watershed plans facilitated by the Office of Planning and Development.

Regional Plans

arrow Long Island Sound Coastal Management Program

arrow Hudson River Valley Scenic Areas of Statewide Significance

arrow East Hampton Scenic Areas of Statewide Significance

arrow Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitats (SCFWH)

arrow Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve Comprehensive Management Plan

Project Case Studies

arrow Waterfront Revitalization

arrow Brownfield Opportunity Area

Accomplishment Reports

arrow Strengthening Downtowns Through Local Waterfront Revitalization Programs Report (pdf)

arrow Brownfield Opportunity Areas Progress Report

arrow Intermunicipal Watershed Management Program Report

arrow Addressing Ocean and Great Lakes Ecosystem Challenges in New York

arrow Natural Resource Program Report


Guidebooks & Videos

arrow Local Waterfront Revitalization Programs in the Coastal Area: Guidance Manual for Preparing Local Programs

arrow Making the Most of Your Waterfront Enhancing Waterfronts to Revitalize Communities

arrow Abandoned Buildings Guidebook

arrow Watershed Planning Guidebook

arrow NYS Salt Marsh Restoration and Monitoring Guidelines

arrow Revitalizing Hudson Riverfronts: Illustrated Conservation and Development Strategies for Creating Healthy, Prosperous Communities

arrow New York’s Eastern Lake Ontario Dune and Wetland System: Guidelines for Resource Management in the 21st Century

Forms for Consistency Review

arrow Federal Consistency Assessment Form (pdf)

arrow Coastal Assessment Form (pdf)

arrow Joint Application Form (pdf)