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South Shore Estuary Reserve

Welcome to the South Shore Estuary Reserve


In 1993, the Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve Act (Act) was enacted to establish the Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve (Reserve) administered by New York State Department of State and the Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve Council (Council) chaired by New York State Secretary of State and comprised of representatives from the State and local governments, non-profit and academic organizations and other local stakeholders focused on the preservation, protection and enhancement of the natural, recreational, economic and educational resources of the Reserve. Committees were also created by the Act including the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) and the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC); the CAC chair and TAC chair are members of the Council.

The Reserve extends 75 miles east from the Nassau County/New York City line the Village of Southampton in Suffolk County. From south to north, the Reserve extends from the mean high tide line on the ocean side of the barrier island to the inland limits of the drainage areas.

The barrier islands along the Atlantic Ocean, the estuary’s shallow interconnected bays and tidal tributaries provide highly productive habitats that support the largest concentration of water-dependent businesses in the State. Water quality in the estuary is crucial to the health of the commercial and recreational fishing and shellfishing industries.

October 2020 South Shore Estuary Reserve Council Meeting
The South Shore Estuary Reserve Council held a virtual meeting on October 21, 2020. Council members were present with updates including a Nitrogen Reduction Update from Nassau and Suffolk Counties, a discussion on the Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan from NYSDEC, updates on the SSER Benthic Habitat Mapping project from NOAA, and a summary of the 2020 SSER Seagrass Workshop by The Nature Conservancy. A recording of the meeting as well as the agenda can be found below.

October 21, 2020 SSER Council Meeting Presentations:
Nassau County (PDF)
Suffolk County (PDF)
SSER Benthic Habitat Mapping (PDF)
2020 SSER Seagrass Workshop (PDF)
SSER Technical Advisory Committee (PDF)

Long Island Estuary Day 2020
On September 25th the South Shore Estuary Reserve (SSER) Office in partnership with Peconic Estuary Partnership and Long Island Sound Study held the third annual Long Island Estuary Day. This event is held each year to celebrate National Estuaries Week on a local level, and share the ecological, economic, and recreational importance of Long Island’s estuaries with the public. This year’s virtual event consisted of presentations from each estuary program. The South Shore Estuary Reserve was fortunate to also be joined by Operation SPLASH and Seatuck Environmental Association who presented on their important projects and citizen science work in the Reserve.

SSER Long Island Estuary Day Presentation (PDF)

For more information and to view recordings of other presentations by the Peconic Estuary Partnership and Long Island Sound Study, visit: