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Formed in 1993, the Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve Act established the Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve (Reserve). The Reserve is administered by the New York State Department of State in cooperation with the Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve Council (Council) and the Citizen Advisory Committee comprised of State and local governments, non-profit and academic organizations and other local stakeholders.

The Reserve extends 75 miles east from the Nassau County/New York City line the Village of Southampton in Suffolk County. From south to north, the Reserve extends from the mean high tide line on the ocean side of the barrier island to the inland limits of the drainage areas.

The barrier islands along the Atlantic Ocean, the estuary’s shallow interconnected bays and tidal tributaries provide highly productive habitats that support the largest concentration of water-dependent businesses in the State. Water quality in the estuary is crucial to the health of the commercial and recreational fishing and shellfishing industries. 

New in the Reserve

Governor Cuomo announces $10.4 Million for the Long Island Shellfish Restoration Project to help improve water quality on Long Island.

The full announcement from the Governor can be found at:

Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve - Beach Cleanup

Please join the South Shore Estuary Reserve Office on Saturday, October 14 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Jones Beach Fishing Piers to do your part in keeping the South Shore Estuary clean. Click here for Event Flyer

For more information on the event contact Lou Siegel at (631) 952-7903 or