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South Shore Estuary Reserve

Welcome to the South Shore Estuary Reserve


In 1993, the Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve Act (Act) was enacted to establish the Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve (Reserve) administered by New York State Department of State and the Long Island South Shore Estuary Reserve Council (Council) chaired by New York State Secretary of State and comprised of representatives from the State and local governments, non-profit and academic organizations and other local stakeholders focused on the preservation, protection and enhancement of the natural, recreational, economic and educational resources of the Reserve. Committees were also created by the Act including the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) and the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC); the CAC chair and TAC chair are members of the Council.

The Reserve extends 75 miles east from the Nassau County/New York City line the Village of Southampton in Suffolk County. From south to north, the Reserve extends from the mean high tide line on the ocean side of the barrier island to the inland limits of the drainage areas.

The barrier islands along the Atlantic Ocean, the estuary’s shallow interconnected bays and tidal tributaries provide highly productive habitats that support the largest concentration of water-dependent businesses in the State. Water quality in the estuary is crucial to the health of the commercial and recreational fishing and shellfishing industries.

2019 South Shore Estuary Reserve Council Stewardship Award

**Nominations are now being accepted through July 31, 2019**

The South Shore Estuary Reserve Council Stewardship Award recognizes citizens and organizations that have made significant contributions to preserve and protect the South Shore Estuary’s unique natural environment and maritime traditions. The award promotes and encourages grassroots stewardship activities, including cleanups, restoration, and education and will build public awareness in the Reserve.

Identified as an implementation action in the South Shore Estuary Reserve (Reserve) Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP) the Reserve Council Stewardship Award recognizes people who demonstrate initiative and innovation in advancing one or more of the Reserve CMP implementation outcomes:
Improve and maintain water quality;
Protect and restore living resources;
Expand public use and enjoyment of the Reserve;
Sustain and expand the estuary-related economy;
Increase education, outreach, and stewardship; and
Promote a resilient and sustainable estuary.

Eligible Nominees: 
Environmental groups;
Civic organizations;
Non-profit organizations;
Neighborhood associations;
Educational institutions;
Electronic and print media groups/individuals;
Water-dependent users;
Elected officials;
Community leaders;
Citizens-at-large; and
Government agencies

Due Date:  Nominations must be submitted by email to and should be received by July 31, 2019.

Nomination materials:

Stewardship Award Description
2019 Stewardship Award Nomination Form