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For Immediate Release:
February 21, 2013
Contact: 518-486-9846
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New York Department of State Awards Citizen Reorganization Empowerment Grants

Albany – The New York Department of State today announced $275,000.00 for eight grants awarded as part of the 2012 Citizen’s Re-Organization and Empowerment Grant (CREG) program. The CREG program provides funding assistance to local governments to plan for and implement municipal restructuring pursuant to ‘The New NY Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act’. The CREG program is part of Governor Cuomo’s continuing efforts to provide taxpayer relief through innovative analysis of governmental functions and services.

“Reorganization of local government can provide taxpayers with the opportunity to receive property tax relief through the consolidation of municipal services,” said New York Secretary of State Cesar A. Perales. “These grants are consistent with Governor Cuomo’s message to help New York communities provide high-quality services while reducing costs and taxes.”

The eight CREG grants awarded are:

Town of Hyde Park, Greenfields Water District $22,500.00
Town of Hyde Park, Violet, Greenbush and Arbors Water Districts $45,000.00
Town of Hyde Park, Pinebrook Water District $22,500.00
Town of Hyde Park, Quaker Hills Water District $18,000.00
Town of Hyde Park, Greenfields Sewer District $45,000.00
Town of Hyde Park, Pinebrook Sewer District $22,500.00
Village of Medina $50,000.00
Village of Lyons $49,500.00

With these grant funds, the Town of Hyde Park will evaluate the potential dissolution of the Town's six Water Districts and two Sewer Districts, with the intention of transferring both ownership and provision of services to the Dutchess County Water and Wastewater Authority. The re-organization studies will include an engineering evaluation, identification of short and long term capital improvements needed, an analysis of the fiscal condition of the districts, and identification of any resulting legal issues. The districts included in the studies are the Greenfields, Violet, Greenbush, Arbors, Pinebrook and Quaker Hills Water Districts, the Greenfields and Pinebrook Sewer Districts.

The Village of Medina will complete a Dissolution Plan, detailing the disposition of Village assets and liabilities, personnel, services and all other Village matters upon dissolution. This plan will then be presented to the Village Board for approval and, if approved, the matter of Dissolution would be put to referendum. Funds will also assist the Village of Lyons develop a Dissolution Plan following the elector approval of the voter-initiated referendum on November 6, 2012. This grant will also assist the village recoup expenses related to the review and dissemination of financial and operational information prior to the referendum.

General Municipal Law 17-A establishes the procedure for residents to petition their local government to vote on consolidation and dissolution. CREG grants assist local governments meet the requirements of this statute.

The CREG program accepts applications from municipalities throughout the year. Deadlines for applications are 4:00PM on the first Wednesday of each month. Applications are available on the DOS website at Prospective applicants can also obtain applications by calling (518) 473-3355 or 1-800-367-8488. Questions about the grant program should be directed to the LGE Program Manager, as indicated in the application instructions.

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