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For Immediate Release:
June 19, 2013
Contact: 518-486-9846
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New York Department of State Awards Local Government Performance and Efficiency Program Awards

ALBANY – The New York Department of State today announced over $12 million in Local Government Performance and Efficiency Program (LGPEP) grant assistance in recognition of the recurring financial savings generated by 13 projects.  The grants will be distributed in equal parts over three years, and are contingent upon continued demonstration of savings.

A competitive program, LGPEP rewards local governments for undertaking significant and innovative actions that reduce the property tax burden confronting residents.  The projects recognized today are estimated by applicants to generate $38.2 million in combined annual savings. In accepting an award, these local governments commit to measuring and sustaining the financial impact of these savings. 
“This program is an integral part of Governor Cuomo’s agenda to improve efficiency and reduce costs at all levels of government,” said New York Secretary of State Cesar A. Perales. “The Governor is yet again applying a competitive process to stimulate creativity and innovation among decision makers, and the big winners are the taxpayers who will benefit from smart, cost saving investments in their communities’ futures.”

Projects vary widely.  Madison and Essex Counties, for example, have privatized their nursing home while ensuring that their residents have access to needed services.  The privatization allows for the retention of critical jobs, while reducing or eliminating the need for layoffs in other departments.  Nassau County instituted a Police Department Personnel Reduction & Precinct Consolidation Initiative, consisting of a Voluntary Incentive Program and reducing the number of precincts. By redistributing the administrative workload, and the elimination of numerous administrative positions, the Department is will achieve financial savings, thereby reducing the need to raise taxes.

The Town of East Hampton implemented a comprehensive organizational restructuring of town government, downsizing 26 separate departments into 13 departments through attrition, staff reduction, and consolidation of functions to create a more efficient and cost effective government model. The Town of East Hampton realized a savings of 4.2 million dollars through this reengineering initiative, representing an 18% drop in the tax levy.

“These projects are producing annual savings to taxpayers,” said Deputy Secretary of State for Local Government Dierdre Scozzafava. “The work being done by our local government partners shows the level of commitment these local leaders have to reducing expenses while maintaining the quality services they provide.  We anticipate other local governments will view these projects as examples of some of the options available to reduce their expenses.”

“We want to thank the State for this award and recognizing our continued focus on achieving efficiency in government and reducing costs for our taxpayers by transitioning patient care services to private sector,” stated John Becker, Madison County Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.  “Through public-private partnerships local government can ensure that our residents continue to receive the services they need without additional cost to the taxpayers.”

“In 2010, the Town of East Hampton was facing a severe financial crisis.  Through  a combination of fiscal restructuring, municipal consolidations and organization re-engineering and by taking advantage of programs offered by New York State, East Hampton crafted a fiscal recovery while reducing operating expenses and property taxes for its residents,” said William J. Wilkinson, Town of East Hampton Supervisor. “Those efforts were not simply a snapshot in time; they continue every day. We thank the New York State Department of State for recognizing these achievements through our Local Government Performance and Efficiency Program Award and for their recognition of all other rewarded entities that participate in similar efforts and strategies.”


City of Corning

$279,575.00  Corning Fire Department Efficiency Initiative
Town of Gates

$710,000.00  Town of Gates Health Insurance Consolidation Project
Town of East Hampton

$536,425.00 Re-engineering of East Hampton Town Government
Village of Liberty

$99,375.00 Village of Liberty operations streamlining
Essex County

$244,881.40 Creation of the Office of Community Resources
Madison County

$1,615,724.00   Home Care Services Privatization
Town of Alden $138,905.00   Town of Alden Town Clerk/Tax Receiver Consolidation Project
Nassau County $5,000,000.00   Nassau County Police Department Personnel Reduction & Precinct Consolidation Initiative
Town of New Castle

$194,313.14 Once per Week Garbage Collection
Town of Bethlehem

$776,107.36 Departmental Restructuring of Bethlehem's Payment System and Maintenance Staff
Essex County

$984,250.00 Privatization of the Horace Nye Nursing Home
Town of Alden $72,578.20      Town of Alden Innovative Employee Health Insurance Program
City of Rochester $1,857,183.30     Neighborhood & Business Development Consolidation and Efficiencies Program


Questions about the grant program should be directed to the LGE Program Manager, at (518)473-3355.