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November 13, 2013

New York Department of State’s Office of Planning and Development

The New York Department of State is pleased to announce the reorganization of its Communities and Waterfronts Division to reflect its current work and responsibilities in New York State’s planning and development initiatives, as well as its increased role in implementing Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s economic development agenda.

Under the continued leadership of Deputy Secretary of State George Stafford, the former division is now known as the Office of Planning and Development. The Office will increase resiliency and sustainable growth of New York communities by advancing progressive land-use solutions, community-based development and building standards and codes.

Using a new structure, the Office will be better able to support the Regional Economic Development Councils, local government planning and development, Superstorm Sandy recovery, and the mitigation of future natural disasters. It will also work closely with the Governor’s Office on the New York Rising Community Reconstruction program.  This new organization has added the building code to the State’s development priorities and land use goals.

 Through this reorganization, the Office will consist of four divisions, each with a core function:

Planning Division

Thought Leadership for Community Economic Sustainability and Resilience.   The Planning Division undertakes planning resulting in catalytic public and private projects that stimulate community revitalization – as identified and prioritized by NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program (NYRCR), Regional Economic Development Councils (REDCs), Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP) or Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) plans.

Development Division

Build Resilient Communities and Spur Economic Growth.  The Development Division uses and grows the Office’s development expertise to implement development projects resulting from Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA), Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP), NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program  (NYRCR), Regional Economic Development Council (REDC), and other Office initiatives, and partners with local governments, community-based organizations, neighborhood associations, business leaders, investors, and academia to generate good ideas, align programs, and marshal resources to achieve sustainable growth.

Technical Assistance Division
Using Technology to Grow Community Assistance.  The Technical Assistance Division harnesses technologies that can be paired with program development, training, and technical services. It will also provide electronic access to the Department’s assets, help steer staff development, and shape new initiatives and programs to expand assistance to communities.

Division of Building Standards and Codes
Ensures the Health, Safety and Resilience of the Built Environment. The Division of Building Standards and Codes administers the mandatory statewide Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and State Energy Conservation Construction Code.  The Division provides technical assistance, administers variances, delivers educational courses, oversees the enforcement practices of local governments and supports the State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council.  The Albany Central Office and eleven regional offices provide service to elected officials and local code enforcement personnel regarding general requirements for code enforcement. 

The New York Department of State’s Office of Planning and Development website ( has been updated to reflect this new reorganization.  The New York Department of State and the Office of Planning and Development look forward to serving the State and its communities and building a stronger New York. 

# # #