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Procurement Lobbying Guidelines - New York Department of State

Note: The Guidelines and Procedures contained on these pages are subject to revision or modification based on the Procurement Lobbying Council’s Guidelines.

Applicable PDF Forms

Offer Disclosure of Prior Non-Responsibility Determination (pdf)
Offer Acknowledgment Form (pdf)
Integrity Compliance (pdf)
Report of Contact (pdf)


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Permissible Contacts/Restrictions on Communications


This procurement is subject to, and shall be conducted in accordance with, the Department of State Procurement Lobbying Guidelines attached to this RFP in Appendix ___, which prohibits a vendor from exerting or attempting to exert any improper influence relating to its proposal. “Improper influence” means any attempt to achieve preferential, unequal, or favored consideration of a proposal based on considerations other than the merits of the proposal, including but not limited to any conduct prohibited by the Ethics in Government Act, as set forth in Public Officers Law sections 73 and 74.

The contracting officer is the designated contact person regarding this procurement from the date the first solicitation of a response is issued until the contract award is final. The contracting officer is _______ [name], ___________ [title], or [her/his] designee. All inquiries concerning this RFP should be addressed to __________ [same name as above] at:

Email: ____________
Fax Number: ____________

From the date the first solicitation of a response is issued until the contract award is final, no proposer-initiated contact with any State official shall be permitted regarding this procurement, except as provided for by State Finance Law section 139-j(3). This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, any lobbying of individuals considered to have any influence over proposal evaluation and selection. Violation of this provision may be grounds for disqualification. All requests for additional information must be directed to ______ [same name as above] as set forth above.