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Procurement Lobbying Guidelines - New York Department of State

Note: The Guidelines and Procedures contained on these pages are subject to revision or modification based on the Procurement Lobbying Council’s Guidelines.

Applicable PDF Forms

Offer Disclosure of Prior Non-Responsibility Determination (pdf)
Offer Acknowledgment Form (pdf)
Integrity Compliance (pdf)
Report of Contact (pdf)


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DOS Restricted Periods Currently in Effect

Any and all contacts regarding a procurement that is included in the table must be directed to the DOS designated contact person.

DOS employees who have any questions about compliance with the Procurement Lobbying Act should contact the DOS Counsel's office.

DOS Restricted Periods Currently in Effect
File Number
Brief Description of the Procurement Restricted Period
Start Date
DOS Designated Agency Contact Person for this Procurement
  The Office of General Services, on behalf of NYS Department of State, is currently accepting quotes for  office space in the Kingston area 1/6/09

Ed Burns @474-4720 (OGS).

PO 100363

The Department of State is currently accepting bids for Personal Protective Outerwear (PPE)  on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security.


Theresa Vondracek at 607-535-7136 ext 640.