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Procurement Lobbying Guidelines - New York Department of State

Note: The Guidelines and Procedures contained on these pages are subject to revision or modification based on the Procurement Lobbying Council’s Guidelines.

Applicable PDF Forms

Offer Disclosure of Prior Non-Responsibility Determination (pdf)
Offer Acknowledgment Form (pdf)
Integrity Compliance (pdf)
Report of Contact (pdf)


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The Department of State reserves the right to terminate this contract in the event it is found that the Affirmation filed by the Contractor stating that all information filed with the Department with regard to prior non-responsibility determinations within the past 4 years based on impermissible contacts or other violations of New York State Finance Law section 139-j or based on the intentional provision of false or incomplete information to a government entity was intentionally false or intentionally incomplete. Upon such finding, the Department of State shall exercise its termination right by providing written notification to the Offerer in accordance with the written notification terms of this contract.