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Where the partners meet

The Watershed Protection and Partnership Council was created by the historic New York City Watershed Memorandum of Agreement to provide a regional forum to aid in the long term protection of New York City’s drinking water, and the economic vitality of the Upstate Watershed communities.

The 27 members of the Council represent a broad-based, diverse group of interests. Consisting of representatives from the Watershed stakeholders, the Council continues to bring the parties together - as partners - to share information and reports of progress as well as to identify issues of concern. It also provides a resource for dispute resolution.

The Council’s 16 member Executive Committee centers the organization while the Technical Advisory Committee, East of Hudson Advisory Committee and East of Hudson Sporting Advisory Committee provide sound technical support.

New York City Watershed Map

NYC Watershed Resources

The New York City Watershed spans nearly 2000 square miles, extends 125 miles north and west of the city and includes 19 reservoirs. This water supply system provides 1.3 billion gallons of drinking water to nine million New Yorkers each day and operates without filtration.

In 1997 the historic Watershed Agreement set forth a comprehensive watershed management program enabling the city to continue supplying unfiltered water while providing for appropriate economic development in the upstate watershed communities. As part of the agreement, numerous Watershed Protection and Partnership Programs were established. The New York Department of State administers certain partnership programs and serves the municipalities in the watershed from two office locations.

Water Quality Planning and Implementation Grants

The Water Quality Planning and Implementation Grants (PIGs) program is designed to assist watershed communities in preparing or updating comprehensive plans, establishing or revising community development tools and local laws, and creating strategic plans for hamlets, villages, and other potentially developable areas within the Watershed. This program is open to East- and West-of-Hudson Watershed municipalities and is administered by the Albany Office staff.

Water Quality Planning and Implementation Grants for the NYC Watershed (NO CURRENT ROUND)