Index of 2013 Presentations

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A Tale of Three WWTPs

Advanced Techniques for Monitoring NOM and Controlling DBPs

Advances in UV Technology and the Option to use UV

Air Bubble Column Dynamics

An Enhanced Hydro Ecological Model

Ashokan Reservoir Turbidity 1987-2012

Centralized Approach to Managing Shale Gas

Commissioning World's Largest UV Disinfection Facility

Cured-in-place Pipe Rehabilitation

DBP Control Strategies

Don’t We All Need Validation-Overview of UV Disinfection

Effective Use of Filter Pilot

Freshwater Bryozoan Pectinatella magnifica

Full Scale Pilot Scale EDC Removal

Full Scale Testing of Innovative High Rate Filter Media for Plant Expansion

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Design

HABs In NYS Toxin Occurance

How Will the Integrated Planning Approach

Hydrological Impact of Hurricane Irene and Tropical-Storm Lee

Ice Cover in NYC Drinking Water Reservoirs

Impact of Cold Weather-Deep Bed Denitrification

Incorporating Affordability Concerns

Innovative Strategies for Removing Contaminants

Investigation of Alternative On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems

Life Cycle Project Management

Major Changes In The Phase 1 ESA Standard

Navigating Hydrofracking in NYS

Numeric Endpoints and Adaptive Management

NYC’s Waterborne Disease Risk Assessment Program

Programmatic and Regulatory Implementation of Numeric Nutrient Criteria

Proposed Nutrient Criteria for Drinking Water

Rapid response to a Swallowwort Infestation

Recent Storm Activity and its Effect on Turbidity

Sediment Quality Assessment of New York Watersheds

Snowpack Monitoring Past Present Future

The use of calcite contactors

Treatment of Emerging Environmental Contaminants

Use of a Kinetic Dye Absorption Test

Using Historical Data to Assess Potential Fecal Coliform

UV Disinfection for Unfiltered Surface Water Regulatory Compliance

Volute Press Application on Water Treatment Residuals

Water for the Future Supply Augmentation Need Planning

Water Quality Modeling Used To Inform Operational Decisions

Water Supply Development and NYSDOS Grant Funding

Westchester County GIS

Wetland Mitigation for the Route 28A Realignment Project